Raymond C Lai Interview

By Perfect Turd | Apr 24, 2022
Raymond C Lai director of Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn
Perfect Turd Podcast Episode 123

The boys interview director Raymond C Lai about his new movie "Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn" out now on @WatchAlter . Raymond shares is inspirations for the movie, his collaborations with Dan the Automator, favorite films and more.

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It's the night of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and Chinese-American scratch DJ Logan Lee is poised to make his live debut at his best friend Beatrice Pan's house party. The problem is, he's a nervous wreck.
Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn stars Supernatural's Osric Chau and actor comedian Randall Park

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Watch Scratch (2001 Hip-Hop Documentary)

00:00 Intro
00:28 What influenced the film?
02:22 Working with Dan the Automator
04:20 Becoming a filmmaker
05:50 Favorite John Carpenter Movie?
08:33 Logan Lee sequel?
10:12 Where to watch
10:41 Outro

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