Carnal Redemption (Troma Film) Cast Interview

By Perfect Turd | May 07, 2022
Carnal Redemption Cast Interview | Perfect Turd Podcast Ep.125

The boys interview the cast of the upcoming Troma film Carnal Redemption a sequel to Carnal Monsters. Director Joe Cash and the actors talk about the film, Troma, crazy stories from set and more.

Carnal Redemption Out Soon on Watch Troma Now

Directed by
Joe Cash

Alexxa Vice
Lili Thorpe/Harmony Filth
Nurse Meow
Norah aka Roxie Sweetheart
Piggy Mouth
Sarah aka Sexy Cleo
Ian aka Doctor DILF
Kaylen aka Flaps
John K Doe

Carnal Redemption IMDB

Carnal Monsters Trailer

Perfect Turd Podcast Carnal Monsters Review

00:00 Intro
01:34 Process of Making Carnal Monsters
02:15 What has changed from the first film?
03:10 How does it feel to be a part of the Troma family
05:50 Craziest thing that happened on set?
07:55 What is the future of Carnal Redemption
10:57 Release Date
11:15 Outro

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