Balraj Kang Interview | Mother Mortis

By Perfect Turd | May 22, 2022
Perfect Turd Podcast Ep.127
Balraj Kang Interview | Mother Mortis

The boys interview director Balraj Kang. Balraj talks his history as a filmmaker, love for special effects and gives insight on his upcoming Troma release, Mother Mortis.

Mother Mortis Trailer

Book of Elf (Short Film)

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Filmmaker Backstory
01:27 Practical Effects Tips for Filmmakers
02:39 Favorite Practical Effects Ever?
03:12 About Book of Elf
04:28 Working with Troma
05:33 Working with Claire Bacon aka Slutty the Clown
07:20 Favorite Troma Film
08:18 Mother Mortis
09:45 Dream Project?
10:38 Where to connect with Balraj
11:05 Outro

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